Preparing for Air Duct Cleaning

Are you planning to hire a professional to clean your dryer vent and air ducts? Well, you’ve made the right choice. It’s an investment for your health. For those who don’t know, it is extremely easy for recirculated air to get full of all types of dirty particles that are collecting in your ductwork every single time. An expert air duct cleaning service will help a lot in improving your indoor air quality.  

Once you’ve found the right air duct cleaners Lubbock for your home. It is time for you to prepare your house for the service. Here are several tips you can follow: 

Ensure You Hire an Experienced Company 

Make sure you do your homework when it comes to hiring an air duct cleaning company. It is best that you hire a company with at least 25 years of experience. The reason for this is that they are probably doing a good job if they manage to last more than 10 years.  

Choose Whether You Will Go or Stay 

Air duct cleaning services can take anywhere from 2 hours to half a day. This depends on the layout of your ductwork and the size of your property, aside from other aspects. That is why you need to plan ahead to either stay and watch the procedure to guarantee it is being properly done, or if you would instead not be around the bustle and noise of cleaners in your house. It might be the ideal time for you to relax and enjoy yourself while going out. Once you come back, you will be greeted with a fresh house that is healthier and cleaner.  

Ask A Lot of Questions 

When it comes to knowing what is exactly included in the procedure, you shouldn’t be shy. Keep in mind that you’re spending a lot of money. Thus, you need to have peace of mind after, during, and before the air duct cleaning process. A reliable air duct cleaning company will always be glad to explain to you what will happen to your house.  

Perform a Walk-Through with the Cleaner 

You should give the cleaner a short tour of your house when they arrive. This will help you point out every relevant spot you are expecting to be cleaned. With this, you can prevent confusion about what you have hired them to do and you won’t be surprised at the end when you pay the bill. If you hire a professional cleaner, he/she might point out a couple of extra locations that you missed.  

Clear a Path Under or Around All fans and Registers in the Building 

This might take some time. However, if you are having the service done at your house, you should make your children clean up their rooms. Make sure you keep any areas around ventilation registers clear of any items. Thus, you will want to move them out of the way if your house has anything small or big directly beneath those places. This will help make things simple for the air duct cleaners.  

Reasons to Change Your Air Filters Regularly

Owning a house comes with a list of responsibilities that you have to do to keep your home in good shape. However, when people give suggestions on the most crucial things you’ve got to do, it can be overwhelming. Changing your air filter is one thing you might have heard a lot about.  

For those who don’t know, an air filter is the first line of defense for your HVAC system to prevent debris, dust, and allergens from entering your system. As the air goes through the filter, small particles of debris and dirt get trapped by it. Eventually, your air filter will trap a lot of particles that it will be difficult for air to pass through it.  

Of course, hiring air duct cleaners in Midland is necessary to maintain your HVAC system. However, you’ve got to do your part as well by replacing your air filters. Here are several reasons why: 

Fewer Repairs 

Changing the air filters is the cheapest and simplest thing you can do when it comes to maintaining your HVAC system. For almost every HVAC unit, changing the air filter takes less than 10 minutes. It also only costs several dollars. You can keep the insides of your HVAC system clean if you regularly change the air filter. Debris and dirt can accumulate inside. This can result in costly repairs.  

Bad for the Environment 

Your HVAC system emits greenhouse gases, such as carbon monoxide and others. If your unit has to work harder, it will emit even more of these gases. This needlessly adds to the carbon footprint of your house.  

Most Allergens and Dust in the Air of Your House 

Allergens, debris, and dirt might get pushed back into your house if they are not trapped in the air filter. Rather than getting rid of these particles, your HVAC starts to circulate them throughout the house. This can lead to health problems if you’ve got an elderly family member living in your house, a family member with breathing problems such as asthma, or young kids. You have to improve the air quality of your house.  

Frozen Condenser Coils 

The air moves through the condenser coils to become cooled whenever you are using the AC unit. Debris and dirt accumulate inside the unit if the air filter fails to trap them. This includes the condenser coils. After the system runs for a bit, ice will form on the coils. This can cause the AC to stop pushing out cold air.  

Higher Energy Bills 

For those who don’t know, heating is responsible for around 30% of your yearly energy bills. On the other hand, AC is responsible for around 13%. This is according to Energy Star. Obviously, these numbers might differ depending on where you are located. The motor of your system will have to draw more electricity if it works harder due to less air. This causes your energy bills to rise. Thus, if you regularly change your air filters, you get more savings on your utility bills. 

Common Garage Door Repairs

Garage doors are not simply about security. They also provide protection for your car, convenient exits and entrance to your property, and privacy. This is particularly true if they’re working properly.  

However, you can’t get these benefits if your garage door is having issues. You might have to call a garage door repair company, especially if you aren’t able to troubleshoot the issue by yourself.  

Here are several common garage door repair Glendale that you should know: 

Garage Door Opens Then Closes Right Away 

The door springs might have to be replaced if the garage door opens, then closes right away. This is also the case if the garage door closes on its own without you doing anything. It is suggested that you replace both garage door springs to get rid of this issue.  

To figure out which springs you have to replace, you need to talk to a reliable garage door repair company. If you replace one spring only, you will probably have to replace the other eventually because it will wear out sooner or later.  

Garage Door Making Noise When Closing or Opening 

 Typically, it means that your door requires more lube if it is creating noises. Find the noisy part of the door and add lubricant. If that does not work, you can try to tighten the nuts and bolts of the track and the door.  

Also, you might hear squeaking if you’ve got metal tracks and metal rollers. You can get rid of the noise if you replace the metal rollers with nylon. If none of these solutions get rid of the issue, a professional garage door repair company can help you determine the cause.  

  • Misaligned Tracks 

Wheels and hinges take on undue pressure if the tracks aren’t aligned properly. This leads to the grinding noise in the door.  

  • Parts Require Lubrication   

It can cause wear on the components if the opener does not have the correct lubricant. They will not work as well. Also, a change in weather can affect the function of the components.  

  • Failing parts in the opener 

Do you see worn down teeth? If so, the chain might be slipping out of place. You might also have to replace them if your remote utilizes couplers. 

You should not panic if the garage door creates a banging noise when you open it. Dangerous and frustrating sounding noises are quite easy to repair. This includes friction, squeaking, or grinding.  

Your Garage Opener Do Not Work 

It can be annoying if your garage door opener does not respond to anything you do. However, you should know that it is a very common problem. There are a couple of simple fixes you can try on your own. 

First, you’ve got to ensure that the device is plugged in properly. If not, make sure you plug it properly. If that is not the case, check the circuit breaker to see if it has been tripped. This might have prevented the flow of electricity to the device.  

If these solutions do not fix the issue, contact a garage door repair company for help.