Magnolia Manor Plantation Bed and Breakfast
Available for Private Weddings and Special Events

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Plantation wedding and reception

  128 Pet Burwell Road, Warrenton, NC 27589           Phone:   (252) 257-6055             Email:

Magnolia Manor was a very picturesque plantation in its day that included 2100 hundred acres.  Oh if the trees could only talk!  Today, it is situated on thirteen acres but is still surrounded by 600 of its original plantation land.  During the renovation of the Manor House, great effort was given to preserve the old historic site so that it remained true to its roots.  Today, there are very few examples of modern technology visible on the grounds.  All utilities were place underground and even the utility poles on the road were hidden among the existing trees.  The images below are provide below to show how truly remote the venue is and why it would be a prefect location for a movie or for a wedding.  It is so easy on a website to show only what the author wants to show.  We preferred to show as much as we can.  No surprises with unsightly landscaping or neglected improvements.  A trip to Magnolia Manor is truly a trip back in time.